Adaptics adds noticeable vitality to employees and organisations and helps them maintain long-term success. We do this by embedding top-quality service provision in vitalising managers, teams and players. Adaptics considers vitality a strategic resource that forms a basis for desired change in society. We have developed a unique integral approach that includes training, coaching, instructions and online tools.


Proactive and systematic improvement of health and vitality through an integral approach to examinations, recommendations and interventions on strategic, tactical and operational levels.


We base ourselves on a solid scientific foundation that includes calculation methods and training- and coaching programmes.


We manage our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health so that we can perform at our peak on behalf of our clients on a daily basis.


All people and organisations are unique. This requires a tailor-made approach with the use of tried-and-trusted methods.


Employees and organisations are under ever-increasing pressure to perform well in the long term. This demands a conscious approach to the vitality of human resources and organisations, and we believe that vitalising people are happier and perform better. Because our professional and private lives overlap, we age more quickly, live unhealthier lifestyles, work longer hours and experience more physical problems and stress. On top of this, every generation faces its own risks and complications.

Return on investment

Proactive and systematic improvement of health and vitality yields proven value:


Higher Workability.


Better productivity.


Reduced (short- and long-term) absenteeism.


Greater client growth

About us...

We realise that the name ‘Adaptics’ could do with some explanation, but it becomes a crystal-clear concept once you have grasped it. The name is a fusion between ‘Adapt’ and ‘ICS’, with Adapt representing ‘adaptive capacity’ and ‘ICS’ representing ‘In Corpore Sano’. For the sake of convenience, we interpret the latter as “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Since 2007, Adaptics – which consists of Chiel van Kollenburg and a team of 25 enthusiastic professionals – has been working on a daily basis towards the improvement of organisations. Not by implementing complicated business plans, but by improving the human foundation.

Adaptics has the ambition to address vitality at Champions League level, and to set the standard for corporate health in the Netherlands along with its partners and clients!Introcudtion

Working at...

Working at Adaptics means that you are must manage your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health so that you can deliver peak performance every day on behalf of our clients. Working at Adaptics also means involved colleagues, good freshly-ground coffee, daily lunchtime walks, freedom in performing your tasks, lots of responsibility, a proactive and result-based attitude and plenty of laughter.

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